Information for Parents

Childcare Tax Credits

Claim up to 80% of your childcare costs.  Registered Childminders are approved childcarers so you may be able to get financial help with paying their fees.

You may be eligible if you:  

  • Have at least one child in registered childcare
  • Are working 16 hours a week or more (both partners if you are a couple)
  • Have gross family earning of less than £58,000  or less than £66,000 (with a child under one)


Check if you are eligible by calling the Tax Credits Helpline on 0845 300 3900 

Childcare Vouchers

It is now possible to receive part of your salary in the form of childcare vouchers. You save money as you don't pay income tax or national insurance on the income you receive as vouchers.  Most registered childminders will accept vouchers but will need to register with the scheme first.  Once registered, the parent orders the quantity of vouchers they need and then they either receive paper vouchers to hand to their childcare provider, or the voucher scheme company may pay directly into either the childminder or the parent's bank account.  Ask your Employer for details.


The Assurance of Registration

As part of the registration process, not only the childminder but all adults living, working or regularly visiting the property will have undergone an enhanced medical criminal records bureau checks.  Childminders must attend an Introduction to Childminding Practice course and a first aid child paediatrics course and prove to Ofsted that their property is safe and meets National Standards for childcare.  To keep registrations, childminders pay an annual fee and are subjected to regular inspection visits by Ofsted to ensure the National Standards continue to be met.

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