Below are a summary of some of the policies under the five outcomes of Every Child Matters in place at Busy Buzy Bumblebees.  All of my Policies are availble to view in full as and when requested. 

Be Healthy:

Asthma policy

Exclusion policy

Headlice policy

Healthy eating policy

Hygiene policy

Medicines policy

Non smoking policy

Sickness and emergency policy
Sickness management policy

Sun smart policy


Stay Safe

Accidents, and incident policy

Alcohol and drugs policy

Biting policy

Bullying policy

Confidentiality policy

Dropping off and collection policy

Garden policy

Health and safety policy

Lost child policy

Safeguarding Children policy

Safety on outings policy
Transporting children policy
Visitors in my home policy



Enjoy and achieve

Care, learning and play policy

Equal opportunities policy

Language policy

Settling in policy

Special needs policy



Make a Positive Contribution

Behaviour management policy

Working together 

Newsletter communication



Achieve Economic Well-being

Admissions policy

Allegations of abuse against a childminder procedure

Complaints procedure policy
Departure policy

Late payment of fees policy


Equal Opportunities

As a registered Childminder, I will treat each child as an individual and with equal concern, making sure that each has an equal opportunity to develop and learn.


I will do everything possible to make every child feel welcome in my setting and reach their full potential, whatever their:

·        Gender

·        Skin Colour

·       Traditional and Cultural Background

·        Family Background

·        Disability

This could vary from celebrating and respecting different religions and festivals, to helping a child accomplish something another child may find less difficult.  I hope this will encourage children to believe in themselves and allow them to see that everyone has potential to achieve and feel fulfilled.


Child Protection

Every child has the right to be protected and it is everyone’s responsibility to protect them. The protection of a child is always a childminder’s first responsibility and therefore, like all childcare professionals, I must have knowledge and awareness of child abuse and be familiar with the procedures for reporting abuse.  It is a mandatory regulatory requirement for me to record all concerns of child abuse and report them without delay to Social Services, or to the Police, and to Ofsted.  All concerns in this matter will be kept confidential.



If your child is unwell, I generally leave it to the parent to decide whether or not the child is able to come to childcare and be reasonably content, for example with a mild cold.  However, I will not be able to accept children that are poorly or unhappy, in pain and / or infectious, for example with a stomach bug.  If a child shows signs of this whilst in my care, I will call the parents to collect the child and take them home where they will be more comfortable.  The child should not return for 24-hours after the last bout of diarrhea or vomiting and in any event, not until they are feeling well enough to attend.


It is very important that you provide an emergency contact number which is up to date at all times.



If a child is taking any form of medication, I am not permitted unless a consent form has been previously signed by the parent or guardian to administer medication.  The written permission must include the name of the child, the name of the medication, when it is to be given and in what quantity.  Each time I give a child medication, a record will be made which will need to be signed by the parent and retained for my records at the end of the day.  I will also make a note in the child’s personal records book.  On joining Busy Buzy Bumblebees, I will ask you to complete a medical form for my use only which I will keep with your child’s confidential records.


Health and Hygiene

General Hygiene

At Busy Buzy Bumblebees, I have done my best to ensure good standards of hygiene.  This includes general household hygiene as well as hygiene for the children, such as making sure dummies and drinks are not shared and are sterilised as required.


Hygiene in the Kitchen

Cooking and food preparation areas will be kept clean. Part of my training to become a childminder includes advice on handling and storage of food.


Raising Children’s Awareness of Good Hygiene Practices.

I will raise children’s awareness of good hygiene practices by talking to them about:


  • Hand Washing
  • Cleaning Teeth
  • Coughing and Sneezing
  • Using the toilet correctly

All children will wash their hands before and after meals and after using the toilet.


First Aid

My first aid box is kept in the kitchen containing all the necessary items as requested by the NCMA.  Additionally, I have a first aid kit which is located in my car.

A medical form which you will be required to complete before your child attends Busy Buzy Bumblebees, asks whether or not you would wish  me to seek emergency medical advice or treatment should the need arise.  This could be your child’s GP, NHS Direct or the local hospital.  If any parent does not wish to give permission on the grounds of culture or religion, I am required to ask for a written explanation of their alternative instructions.

As we all know, where there are children there are sometimes accidents and injuries.  I will keep a record of all details concerning the incident which I will sign and will ask the parent to countersign on collecting the child.  I will use the same procedure if I am informed about, or required to sign an accident book for a child attending pre-school, nursery or school.

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