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March is almost on it's way out and with the clocks springing forward an hour, we're now experiencing the lighter evenings which is great news all round.  The weather in March has been very kind indeed although this last week of March seems to have gone back to the old "British Weather" self.  Spring has definitely sprung here, our garden looks gorgeous with it's Tulips, Poppy's and Daffodills with a little added help from Arco's Garden Services.  We've been having breakfast on the front lawn and picnic lunches in the back garden which has been very well received by all!  March has also seen me join the Pied Piper Preschool Parent Committee and I'm currently involved in lots of fundraising activities for the whole of 2011.  Please see the new Events Page for up and coming events.  


So January has been and gone and I'm hoping the start to the new year has been a good one for you all.  Here, it's been a busy one with all the new little Bumblebees.  We've had settling in sessions, attending new and old toddler groups as well as utilising the new Children's Centre on Elliott Street with a designated childminders stay and play day which seems very popular with the mindees.  So half term is now upon us and I've been planning a busy week of fun activities to do with the mindees.  Please see my new Half-Term page.

The bigger little ones noticed something last week while playing in the garden, "look,a new garden is growing in the plant pot!"  On further investigation, we noticed it was the Spring bulbs of Daffodils and Tulips!  So we're hoping the cold frost doesn't kill them off before they get chance to grow tall and brighten our sensory garden!  Come on Spring!!!

January 2011!

First of all, a happy new year to you all!

Busy Buzy Bumblebees reopens on Tuesday 4th January and am looking forward to welcoming my new little Bumblebees.  We've a very busy first week ahead and no doubt, February will be here before I know it.  Will update here very soon.

November / December

In November we said goodbye to "Nessy" my little Corsa who we had sadly outgrown both as a family and as a childcarer but very excitingly, I bought "Buzz", our Zafira.  It has more than enough room for my girls and of course any mindees.  I love getting out and about in him (yes, it's a him - NB:  I always name my cars!)  Looking forward to plenty of trips out in Buzz during the school holidays.

December has been quite a busy month for me as it saw me sign contracts with all of my new mindees who start in January when my maternity leave ends.  We have three under fives and one over five commencing after the New Year and another over five in September.  I'm certainly going to be kept busy but am looking forward to getting back into the swing of things minding wise.

December saw Hollie's first experience of snow and wow, what a lot of it we had, I was just thankful not to be pregnant and really enjoyed it this time. 

Jessica absolutely loved it naturally, especially her daily trips to her preschool on the sledge!  We seemed to start a trend as most of the preschoolers were taking trips there and back on their sledges too.

Hollie's first Christmas was very special and both our girls got very spoilt!  I didn't do too badly either, nor did Mr Begbie. 

So what a fabulous yet emotional nine months it has been.  2011 has a lot to live up to considering it's predecessor was pretty special.  Merry Christmas to all reading and a happy new year too! 

September / October

Our annual holiday saw us going back to the South of France but this time, as a family of four.  We had an amazing time away which is just what we all needed.  The weather was simply gorgeous and our two little girls had the best time.  Non of us wanted to come back to the cold, damp delights of the UK!  Oh well, onto next years holiday!!

July / August

Garden works began at the end of July 2010.  My idea was to create an enjoyable sensory space for my own children as well as minded children to enjoy.  Ideas were put into action and the garden works are all complete!  We are now awaiting delivery of our new 6ft x6ft wooden playhouse as well as a new wooden sandpit!  We are very excited about our new garden and cannot wait for the finishing touches to be added!  Take a look at my photo gallery of before, during and after works.


Almost two weeks overdue, I was taken into hospital with pain and on further monitoring, I was told I was having contractions but baby Begbie II was in distress as I was not dilating.  So the decision was made that baby Begbie would come by semi-emergency c-section and on  the 7th May 2010, our second Daughter, Hollie Emilia was born.  She has been an amazing baby, just as good as her big sister was and we are finding being parents to two gorgeous girls very rewarding!

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